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Why Work With Us?

We believe in partnering to provide insurance solutions that help protect your first harvest.

First Harvest icon More than commodity insurance

Many view insurance as a commodity and automatically opt for the lowest-priced product. Cost is important. But we believe an insurance plan that protects you and the assets you value is more important than price.

First Harvest icon An experienced team dedicated to your success.

When implementing an insurance strategy, we leverage the full expertise of our team. Collectively, we offer decades of experience in crafting innovative and thoughtful financial strategies. 

First Harvest icon The resources of a large corporation with the service of a boutique firm.

We provide a host of carriers and options. We leverage these products and partnerships to serve you to the best of our abilities. This agility allows our team to hone the skills required to provide uncompromising service. 

First Harvest icon We believe your life is about more than numbers. 

We are committed to helping you leave a lasting legacy and protect your first harvest. 

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars!

Vickie S

Great company.

Hayley G

He truly works hard to find you the best fit for your personal insurance needs.

Julie N

Rest assured you will receive great service.

Misty J

I am pleased with my experience and feel that my family is well protected.

Colby R